Here at Widbook, we have developed this Platform for you ("User") to be able to write, read, share, contribute and publish books in an innovative and interactive way. This new way of writing, interacting and intellectually producing is much appreciated by us and this is why we want our relationship to be clear as possible. For more information on the Platform, click this link and watch our video.

In our constant efforts to be transparent, Widbook also recognizes that your privacy is very important. The following Privacy Policy provides an overview on the way your information will be eventually collected, used, shared, disclosed, stored or dealt with via the Platform. We also recommend that you read our Terms of Use, which contains important information, as well.

Your acceptance to this policy will be agreed when you click, which will indicate you are agreeing and allowing us to access your information from your first Platform use or login. i.e., from the moment you start using the Platform. It will also indicate that you will be aware and in full agreement with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the Policy described herein, please do not finish your registration procedure and do not use our Platform.

Our Privacy Policy aims to clarify and make every necessary issue easier to understand, for the sake of our good relationship.

For those reasons, this Privacy Policy will address:

1. Which information we collect.
2. How we use the information we collect.
3. How and when we share your information.
4. How we protect your information.
5. Policy updates.
6. Applicable law.

Protecting children's privacy is especially important to Widbook. For this reason, Widbook does not collect or consciously keep any data, personally identifiable or not, from children 13 years of age or younger. No part of the Platform is directed at this age group. If you are 13-years-old or younger, please do not use the Widbook Platform, as set forth in our Terms of Use. If Widbook becomes aware of anyone 13 years of age our younger utilizing its Platform, the account will be automatically cancelled.

For additional questions or clarity surrounding the privacy of your information, please email us at, and we will be glad to answer your questions.

1. Collection Of Information

a. Registration Data: Registration data is all the information entered by you at the time you register or when you complete any other form on the Platform, including your personal name, your artistic name, your e-mail address or any other information actively provided by you to us via the Platform.

In some cases, depending on the User profile's qualifications, other information may also be obtained, including address and telephone number, among others, for purposes of a commercial approach between Widbook and particular Users. In these cases, Widbook will always get in contact with the User before the collection of this type of information.

b. Content inserted into the platform: The Platform will collect the content available in it, as well as the content provided by you in any other way, through interaction with other Platform Users and with social networks, for example, which will be stored in our servers. Such information will also be stored and may be used to improve your experience as a User and the range of services offered by Widbook, to verify the features most accessed, and to develop new tools and products, among other Widbook improvement issues.

Additionally, any information or data published into the Platform, including biography, pictures, authors’ names, book names, publishing house names, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, social networks, schools, universities, places of work, among others will be considered public information if you do not restrict them by using the appropriate tools available in the Platform itself, as providing this information is considered being provided to the Internet, which is a public channel.

c. Information collected automatically: As in many other Internet services, every time you access the Platform we will automatically collect data, including the characteristics of the access device, your browser, IP (with date and time), IP source, as well as the accessed pages, clicks information, the next access pages after the logout from the Platform or any other search terms typed into the website or referring to it or interactions with other Users, among others. In addition, we also may use some other standard technologies, like cookies, (which are small text files containing an alphanumeric sequence that allows us to identify you and make your access faster), pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which help us to study your habits and provide you with a better navigational experience.

We also collect information about the amount of time you spend reading each page of a book in the Platform. But do not worry, we will only use this information in order to increase your experience as a User, improving our book indications and developing statistics about the use of the Platform.

The aforementioned information will be kept stored in our servers, or in other servers hired by us, and will be considered, unless legally stipulated differently, as non-sensitive. None of this information has the ability to identify the User personally and no strictly personal data will be collected as stipulated herein.

By providing your e-mail address when registering with us, Widbook may send you messages, like newsletters, changes in the Platform's policies, or special offers. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, please, disable this option in your profile. It is not possible to disable the receiving e-mails option in regards to the provision of Widbook services to you.

d. Information collected in other Platforms: When applicable, in the case of using Widbook services or applications in any other Platforms, Widbook may collect your information stored in the respective platforms.

e. Information we do not deal with: The content of the messages privately exchanged between the Platform Users is not dealt with by Widbook. Once the messages are sent and received, they will be stored in the Widbook servers so that Users can access them later. No value is assigned or aggregated to the information of these messages. The only data Widbook registers with private messages exchanged between Users are the date, time (date stamp) and IP address source, so as to meet any potential legal obligations. Even if a User deletes these messages from their inbox, they may be still available in cache and stored in the other Users' inbox with whom you have communicated, or elsewhere if other Users have copied or saved them.

2. Use Of Information

We consider all collected information confidential. Therefore, we will only use your information in the way herein described and authorized by you to operate, keep, provide and improve the Platform commercially, as well as to improve your experience as a User and customize the service provided for you to find exactly what you need, in addition to assisting in the production and supply of new products and/or services.

Any collected information will be excluded when it is no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose which justified its collection and consideration, being understood that any personal data, sensitive or not, will travel through the system or will be stored anywhere, physical or remote space, after its exclusion.

You can change the configuration of your browser to block some specific type of information collection, like cookies, or to indicate when a cookie is being used by the Platform. However, if this configuration is implemented, it is important to note that there is a possibility of some features provided by the Platform not working properly. For example, we may not remember some of your preferences, such as your language, your preferred font for reading, etc.

Widbook reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the content produced and published by you into the Platform. Widbook has the right to remove this content or material if we consider it as violating any established rule in the Terms of Use or applicable law, or to defend or protect your or third parties’ property rights. Widbook also reserves the right to remove any content or material upon the request of third parties.

3. Sharing Of Information

Widbook operates jointly with other companies in a wide range of activities, including the current advertisers on the Platform, and other advertising tools and performance analysis, such as Google Analytics. We reserve the right to share your information with our partners, advertisers and services providers, anonymously, i.e., preventing such partners, advertisers and services providers from identifying your preferences, styles and any other personal information, individually, thus, preserving your privacy.

Widbook allows other companies, primarily advertising companies and networks, to advertise in the Platform. These third-party companies may eventually use the technology to send, directly to your browser, ads and links shown in the Platform in a personalized way. Typically this results in automatically receiving your IP address and making a combination with other technologies, like cookies, Java scripts and web beacons to send these ads and measure their effectiveness.

Widbook is not responsible for actions implemented by third-party companies on the data collected by them, and this privacy policy does not apply to information once Widbook does not manage or control it. It is your responsibility to be aware of the privacy policy applied by other companies.

During the development of Widbook services, we reserve the right to acquire or sell assets. Any of your registered data, information or content may be considered active in these kinds of transactions. Please be aware that if Widbook eventually becomes unified with another company, gets sold (in whole or in part), fails to operate or goes bankrupt, your information will be included in the actives transferred or acquired by a third party.

Finally, by court order, Widbook will provide any requested User datas necessary to comply with the laws in this country. In any other case of formal requests for us to provide information because of possible unlawful acts, we will carefully analyze the request and the information requested, in order to determine if there is or there is no need of a legal action.

4. Reliability Of Keeping The Information

Your information will be kept as confidential and any individual who may come in contact with it will undertake not to misrepresent its use, as well as not to use it discordantly from the way intended in this Privacy Policy. Widbook applies all market reasonable efforts to guarantee the security of its own systems when keeping any data.

For such measures to become viable, we take the following precautions:

a. We use the market standard methods to encrypt and keep our Users’ passwords anonymous;

b. We have protection software against unauthorized access to our systems;

c. We only authorize people previously selected to access the places where we store the information; and

d. Those who get in contact with Users’ personal information must adhere to our privacy policies. The breach of confidentiality will incur civil liability and the responsible party will be prosecuted in compliance with the Brazilian law.

Information is not necessarily stored in servers based in the United States of America; it may also be forwarded to any other country where Widbook works or hires servers. Please be aware that even if your country deals with the collection and sending services in a different way, we reserve the rights to deal with it as per described in this Policy.

Widbook believes that it is extremely important to keep and protect the privacy of our Users' data and this Privacy Policy represents our great effort in safeguarding the security of data. However, Widbook cannot fully guarantee that all the information which travels through its Platform will be completely free from unauthorized access by methods developed to obtain information unduly.

Furthermore, you are the only responsible party for keeping your access password private and using the technology provided by the Platform to protect your privacy from third parties.

5. Policy Updates

We reserve the rights to change our privacy policy as many times as needed, aiming at providing you with more security and convenience. This is why it is very important to access our policy whenever you use the Platform. To make this easier, at the end of this policy we will indicate the date of the last update.

6. Applicable Law

This policy was created to fit the market's most common practices and our privacy practices. However, many countries approach privacy issues differently, and there is no single global standard for all countries to comply. In case of conflict, the forum for dispute solution will be the Central one, in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Questions or concerns?

If you, after reading these terms and the Particular Conditions, still have any questions or concerns regarding the use of the service offered by Widbook, please send a message with as much detail as possible to If you wish to report any abuse, please use our official forms. We will commit ourselves to solving all your concerns.