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*i meant properly
April 28, 2013 at 15:41
It is amusing once i read the sample chapters. The book seems very okay and can work on itself though it has minor editorial era. Make up Dotto, the book is interesting and it has a grabing story. I am hooked in it finish it fast!....This is the comment i need you to offer to other authors!
April 12, 2013 at 12:21
Sample chapter 08 The day was too hot in Dar es salaam, Masanja watching a television documentary about Africa. It was a broadcast in English, the language he disagrees all the time to be an international language used to present the tragedy story. Sad news covered the portrait of a certain women raped in Somalia. The coverage of the documentary was majored spots of the Boko Haram in the coastal states of one of the West Africa country with a glooming population growth. He is reading his screen subtitles in English as it was translated by the media host; "Executions, rape and scorched earth reprisals by security forces are driving ordinary people into the arms of Islamist terrorists, says the hosted girl. The militant group Boko Haram, which claims to have links to al-Qaeda, has attacked churches, schools, journalists and security forces, killing thousands" the girl exclaimed. "How did you know that was Boko Haram?" The television host asked the girl. "I knew right on the spot when they introduced to be the peace loving people while they always do against as a routine. They have their secret sign which I noticed which is hard to explain the girl whispered. "But rights groups warn that it is the heavy-handed response from counter-terrorism troops and police units that is making the problem worse. Why do you always blame Boko Haram?" the host asked "The brutal actions of security forces in response to Boko Haram's campaign of terror are making an already desperate situation even worse," said Magdalena the hosted girl "Why always in your state people do claim Muslims and the security forces has hat rate to Christians?" the host asked. "Yeah, in the aftermath of one attack, against counter-terrorism patrol in our locality is the birthplace of Boko Haram - soldiers stormed nearby homes, shot at least dozen Christian men, whom they believe are Haram and then burned their houses to the ground, the girl said. It was the time I recalled how i was forced out of our house, at gunpoint, and made to lie on the ground next to a dying man. The man was Rams Julius, he had 14 children. When I was brought out to lie down Rams was already shot. He moved. I heard the soldier say 'Ah, he hasn't died' then he shot him again. Six women from the Coast Province ward, where a convoy was attacked, were brought after when they were seriously raped and cut parts of their hush-hush. Before I was raped I was kicked onto a bed and stripped by a soldier, while four of my young relatives cowered under the mattress. The man lay on top of me. He put down his gun next to me, like he was going to rape me but he didn't take his trousers off. I couldn't talk, I couldn't control myself, I couldn't answer. They brought me to the roadside naked. A car was ablaze. The soldier asked me to go inside the fire. Another soldier said 'no, don't set fire to women and children.' They set fire to our house. I was living in a climate of fear and insecurity, vulnerable to attack from Boko Haram and facing human rights violations at the hands of the very state security forces which should be protecting us," she said. It was the time one man tone my clothes at the open ground and they started laughing. At a moment I saw a tinted glass saloon car on the road side where two giant muscular guys come from to pick me and they locked me in the thigh boot and disappeared to the forest. I was covered my face and when they uncovered I realized a heap of dead women seriously breeding. They were all naked and an estimate of twelve militarily dressed guys whose face was ugly. They raped me angrily till i lost my memory. I was away from my condition, terribly unaware and they thought I was dead. Not, I was not dead but I fainted due to thoroughly pain. I lost a lot of blood and I went unconscious for twelve hours. It was a sin committed against my fresh and I had no part of my body which left painless. Magdalena was crying, weeping her eyes which turned bold red. She is feeling the same pain as she advance the story telling. She had lost everything in her home, her mother raped to death, her father was shot dead in the night he remember a night of blood. Her siblings also were slaughtered and the younger sisters and brothers were dead by fire after a blaze set to their house. She is in suspense why such murder happened to her family. Her father was a Pastor of the Isiondo church in the coastal province. She was also the accountant in the Coast Oil Refinery station the project which was stormed and burnt. Magdalena continued. "Sorry Magdalena, after your survival who rescued you from the forest and how you escaped and now what is going on?" the media host asked "Only God served me" "Did you leave the place alone? How you managed to do so?" "Of course not, there is a man who served me and assisted me to seek refuge in Tanzania in that time. He was a soldier and by now he is the past. After rescuing me, he was shot and died in the very forest. "How did you escape?" "It was not easy, but we managed and I was abandoned in the streets where I was to take actions to make my life meaningful. But I had to face more serious problems again." Magdalena painfully vowed and tears flooded her eyes. It went years left in streets with no hope, and in time I realized the world was upside. I was forced to flee fighting from West Africa by the Boko Haram to join Al-Shabab in Somalia capital Mogadishu. I bundled up some clothes and took two of clothes but I was denied. They gave me uniforms and other military equipments before I was trained as a killer. I escaped that mission and went to establish my own life in the border near Kenya where shortly I set up a small business nearby." "What business did you set and where did you get the capital? The television host asked cheerfully. "The capital I .Mh. from different people who ahm.. "Don't fear, just tell us what happened?" "I got it from selling my body. I was to practice commercial sex along roads and pubs where customers were easily found. Some was willing to pay me little and some I managed to still by poisoning their drinks and I searched them. But my established hope was shortly shattered. " "What happened?" One night as I was going back home from my daily routine, I saw four armed men approaching me, but I thought nothing of it, recalled what happened in West Africa before I set my mission in Somalia. Suddenly, one of them confronted me and pushed me to the ground. I screamed my lungs out hoping someone would hear me and come to my help, but to no avail. I tried to fight them off but they were much stronger. They beat me viciously, breaking both my wrists. They raped me repeatedly without caring that I was pregnant in that time." "Where did you get that pregnancy?" "I did not know who was responsible. I had many customers and majority were casual lover whom we met and did sex and partway." "Did you use condoms?" "I had no time to prepare that setting, but they asked me to choose. If I were to choose sex using a condom they could also pay half less as I have to do it without a condom. And I was in need of money." Magdalena explained "Now what happened at that time after when you were raped?" The TV host asked There was a man managed to scare off the attackers. I was carried home, bleeding profusely from my face and legs. I lost my unborn baby later that night. What followed was months of depression and trauma - a direct result of the rape and how it had affected me. I couldn't work as my hands hadn't healed. It wasn't easy seeing any one on front of me, I was to start begging money to take care of me," she said. It was even worse remaining in the same community as it constantly reminded me of what had happened in West Africa. Everyone was talking about me. Some women and men would openly laugh at me while others would stay far away from me. I longed to move to another place, but I had nowhere else to go in a strange land as a refugee." I often have to travel long distances in search of some form of income, along unsafe routes ... knowing it is the only way to provide one daily meal for me. I had to live as a beggar.
April 12, 2013 at 10:44
"Thanks" Masanja said, removing the ear phone from his ears. He slid his duffel bag which inside were a Laptop computer and a modem for internet. Then he unzipped and slipped out of it. He was anxious to open his email inbox after the call from unknown person demanding him to read his inbox for a message attached where he can reply early as possible. "Come on!" Masanja pleaded. "It is not opening the images and the attachment is not displayed" Masanja quickly switched off his laptop and poked it deep in his bag "Come on mother fucker!" Masanja decided to use the desktop computer which he had long time without using it. His laptop computer was already ceased by the Trojan Virus he normally fears. It was a turnaround task in his desk. "Go-oo, Computer!" Masanja shouted from the sideline in his room. The message was opening. His eyes on the screen magnetically pulled by the displayed image of a beautiful girl. "Swoosh!" Masanja screamed with happiness when the photograph displayed all the parts. She wore a black camel riding scarf, her lips soft as the comfy mattress. Her breasts shaped as the guava fruit. Her colour like that of the chocolate. The girl was a beautiful girl he never thought to meet in his life. "Uh-oh" Masanja whispered. Placed the chair back on its four legs and crossed his arms. "Yes, this is the queen I waited for, she is beautiful as I never thought" Masanja was not aware of his daily routine. His mind captured by the magnet beauty of the girl image displayed in his inbox. He shortly saw the flashing message on the right corner that read "OPEN HERE FOR A MESSAGE". Masanja hurried to open it, "Click and open" The message was open and he saw a message wrote by the very girl who attached that message. Reading the message; My dearest, How are you today? Hope you are fine over there in your country. Am happy to read from you, any way i feel like telling you everything about me. But you must promise not to disclose this please because this is my full life story with love and trust. I appreciate your mail. My Dear As I told You on my last mail that i lost my family in the war that broke out in my country ,My late father Dr. Johnson Weah was a contractor and international business man. I reside in the church hostel in Dakar Senegal, as a result of the civil war that fought in my country. I did not have any other person that could be able to help me out, the only person i have now is. Rev Father Emmanuel George In (St John Catholic Church) His office telephone ( 221-77-670-9818) Here in the Orphanage home where i am leaving now in women's hostel. You can call me with his office telephone number, he will send for me from hostel to come to his office to receive your call. I have my late father's deposit certificate and death certificate because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading financial institution, which he used my name as the next of kin, the amount in question is $9.4 Million Dollars. I want to inform you after this transfer in your account, you will help me to prepare my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you and be with you. I need your information's such as!!! Your Full Names ...... Age ....... Address ....... Telephone ........ I humbly waiting for your mail from you, Kisses and continue dream about me Yours Miss Juliet Weah Masanja slowed a mouse and screw again- and again to re-read the message. "Yesss!" Masanja screamed to herself. He was glad to be attached and paired with Julieth. He clicks at the Compose mail and tried to type the message as a reply to Julieth. 'Yeah-simple task, "My full name Mh- It's too early to tell her the truth. Full name Moses Anthony Jumbo. My age is under 30, I mean 27 years My address is 0001-09GD Dar es salaam-Tanzania. Telephone number 255 0754 6183 8-x "Am through with the message. Okay!" Masanja finished writing a message, heading his mouse pointer to the send message button. "Go-gooo! Yep, the message sent!" Masanja was joyously shouted. He blew his body to his bed and started to memorize. Who was that girl? Where did she grab her mobile number and the email address? "Hey Masanja, How are you" His friend Anthony entered the room and greeted 'What's up men?" "Good!" "It seems you are happy, you've been surfing the web? I see the modem glittering and a message here 'your message has been sent' .. " "A deal, I've been charting with my girl friend from Senegal" "Who is that?" Anthony asked Msanja. He pointed to the photograph which was on side displayed. "That's Julieth Weah-don't you remember her from the day I informed you about the girl I met in the café through internet?" Anthony shook his head no. "She is one of the best and beautiful girls in Senegal" Masanja told her friend. "Okay!" Anthony said. He shook his head and exhaled deeply. "Stop jealous, you won't last longer" Masanja advised his friend. "Look, the world has gone upside and up wheezy! Technological revolution and the discovery of IT and application have made it squeezed as a single village. How true that image is of the same girl? Be careful men!" "Don't mind, I know what am doing. I loved a girl whom I trust, she is beautiful Tony!" Masanja explained softly to Anthony. **** It had been more than a week since Masanja replied to her new girl friend in internet. That was how long it had been since Julieth remained quite no response to Masanja's message. He had just upset and sat down at his own desk in General Quang classroom. He was digging in his back pack as a kid does for his pencil. As General Quang entered the class he was completely closed his eyes and rubbed his head again-and again. "What are you doing?" General Quang whispered, turning around. Masanja's eye flashed open. "Rubing my head," he whispered back. "For good luck on my presentation." Anthony studied his friend face. "So, you really think it help to be a liar, huh? He asked. "Julieth" Masanja murmured, but General Quang interrupted before Masanja could explain more. "Good morning, class," He said. "Let's settle down and get our day started." Masanja smiled. This was his favorite day of the training in South Korea for that second week before the final examination. In every Thursday, everyone in the class had to bring in a writing assignment to read aloud and be asked question openly. Masanja hadn't prepared any as assignment in writing. "Who wants to go first?" General Quang asked after he called the roll. Masanja and four of his trainees raised their hands. General Quang picked Masanja to go the second in presenting his work. When it was his turn, Masanja hurried to the front of the room. The projector was ready to display content that was set to present Masanja's work. "Your written report first" General Quang demanded. "No any, sir!" Masanja replied softly. "Why are you here?" "For training sir!" "No sense, what training without practice?" General Quang vowed loudly and scourged the desk. "I am sorry, sir!" Masanja apology. "This year, we got chance to join the paper work training to avoid maximum risk and danger before the physical training. Then you almost didn't get to make it. But thanks to a new training code, everyone gets to train in paper works first before we call the field." General Quang vowed angrily. The class grew quite. 'Sir, my paper work is well as my mind is okay. I can now present it right here. Allow me to go on." "It's your time; remember that it is fun experience to practice on paper before the field. Everyone can get experience from each other." "How can I start sir?" Masanja asked. All in class laugh. "Shhh!" General Quang scolded through a smile. "Yes Masanja, go on." "Yep! Any one question? I am ready to respond to" Masanja demanded. Anthony raised his hand, and general Quang permitted him to ask. "Continue Anthony" "What is the content of the military ethical code nine, subsection three, Para eleven soldier?" "Damn, don't argue an order that is one. Don't eat in rubbish-two, don't trust anything and anyone. Don't love a woman in war and don't try to lie anymore. The last content, don't kill your enemy until discovered differently, that's all. Masanja answered correctly. The trainee and General Quang clapped hands. "Any other Question solders?" General Quang asked. "What is the hardest order into our operation we have to avoid?" Anthony shot the second question. "Don't love at war" Masanja replied. "Do you think why not to love at war?"General added. "Love is death at war. The enemies are hidden in love for the weakest mind." "That's right, do you hate or love your family" Anthony asked. "I love and like me, others are supplements." Masanja replied cautiously. "Who do you love in this world?" Gabiro asked "Me and myself." "How about the girlfriend?" Gabiro asked the second question. "Julieth Weah, I only love one" Masanja replied unconsciously, they laughed him. General Quang warned them to stop. "What's wrong?" General Quang asked. "Nothing, sir!" All replied calmly. "Today we are winding our training in classroom. The time is narrow and not enough. Remember, the mission in Somalia where you are going to attend is not an easy job. No love, no trust and no friendship ahead. You love you die- you trust you get betrayed be friend and go against. Death is your only friend and the enemy is every one against you. I know you can face many challenges in the field, some needs you to challenge. The world has two dominant colour, white and black. You chose white red will destroy you and in choosing black all the colour will not turn to you. Neither choose white nor black in your mission." General Quang explained. "What do you mean, sir?" Anthony asked "Your friend is the Gun, and the enemy is your heart. It is the only friend that can tell you which is black and which is white." General Quang clarified. THIS IS THE SAMPLE CHAPTER UNEDITED FOUND IN THE BOOK! COMMENT!
April 12, 2013 at 10:39