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October 10, 2018 at 06:06
A nice, fast-paced quick read, and well written. :) I give it 4 stars because it's actually one of the few books on Widbook I've read so far that was able to hold on to my attention throughout an entire sitting-I just couldn't leave the computer once I started reading! *SPOILER ALERT* If you haven't read the book don't read beyond this point***** But.. Weeell, I do have an issue, or two of them I should say, and that's with the MC and the guy called Hero. I'll start with Hero because he is the simplest: For being a love-interest to the MC as well as the Title-Character, I feel he's a remarkably flat and uninteresting character. Out of all of the named characters, Hero talks the least, is described the least, and is seen the least. I can't think of anything noteworthy about him other than what all the children in the Sanctuary say, but even they don't seem particularly impressed with him. Thankful maybe, but not impressed. I don't even know much about what he looks like except that he's probably the oldest guy in the bunch. I'm still puzzling over what the MC sees in him that's so endearing to her-it can't be because she actually knows anything about him. Maybe she just sees him as her White Knight because he saved her life? And then there's the MC herself. I can't help wholeheartedly disliking her. At the beginning she just seemed a bit insensitive, but sort of likeable and adventurous. Later on this perceived insensitivity grew into outright callous behavior that I found appalling. She drags her best friend onto the Surface with her, against his will, he ends up DYING. Then she goes back to her home and what, does nothing but sulk and daydream about her Hero. She shows the same amount of sensitivity to the kids in the Sanctuary when they die because of her. I know this is pointed out to her in the story (though I don't see why Asher is one to talk-he seemed just as attached to the kids that died as she did), but it doesn't come across as excusable. What's even more disturbing is her hypocrisy. I mean she can go in there, lead Legions and Shadow/monster things into Sanctuary for kids to get killed and she's just "sorry." But when her friend Lyssa does it (for the noble cause of trying to save her mother), she goes berserk and cuts her head off? I mean most of the children were probably already dead by the MC's hands, if anything Lyssa just polished off the rest, so what should have been the big deal? By what the MC says at the end, she literally did not even care a wit about the children in the first place, because "they couldn't have been much use" to Asher and Hero anyway. The whole beheading scene just seemed out of character. Well, sorry that turned in to more of a rant, but those two things are really the only problems I see in the story. The only other thing I can think of is maybe the lack of knowledge we're given from the "monsters." I'm not sure if they're a separate species entirely and their genetics somehow got infused into people or if the people are turned into monsters because of the pollution or w/e from generators. Now that I think about it it's probably the latter, but I think it could have been a little more clear-cut in the story. Maybe that's just me though and I accidentally misread a part. Like I said though, sorry this looks like a rant, but I did give it 4 stars because I enjoyed it, especially how you created the world and the culture inside of it-I felt these aspects of the story were nicely done.
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Adam Sigrist November 15, 2014 at 11:49 Wow, what a comment ;) you picked up on a couple of things here I'd like to take note of. 1. Hero, he's not really supposed to be noteworthy. You read the ending, you know how it goes. Asher is the Hero that Sanctuary really needs. Allal is into him (wouldn't call it love... Maybe misguided lust?) because of the fact that he's harsh and mean and frightening like her father. As for his appearance...well I adapted this story from the script for my comics, so I guess I skimped on description since...well there are pictures, haha. As for Allal, she IS insensitive and callous. Look where she came from. She's the spoiled, rich, daughter of a spoiled, rich asshole. She really doesn't care much about anything throughout the story, except for herself, as evidenced by her lack of caring when people around her die, and her lack of interest in hearing Lyssa out. In that moment, her thought is "I've been betrayed!" Not "These innocents have lost their lives." Or "my friend's mom is in trouble, she needs my help." She's supposed to be raging with anger, like Hero or her father, which again might be more evident with illustrations. Also be aware that this isn't the end of Hero. This is just the first story arch. Yes, it continues without the titular character because, as you pointed out, he's most definitely not the most important character. He's just a tool to get a spoiled rich girl to open her eyes to the plight of the people by giving her what she wants -- a mean man to act out her daddy issues with. The title "Hero" is more of a mantle that passes from character to character over time, rather than just the name of one, kinda douchey, character. Again, thank you for reading and rating and commenting. I wish you had written a little bit more about what you liked too (4 stars and mostly you just wrote about all the reasons why I didn't get five, rather than the reasons why you gave me four...) but thank you none the less :)
Nightly November 15, 2014 at 23:47 Thanks for the reply, Adam. I did get the vibe that she was supposed to be somewhat heartless due to her upbringing. I've been thinking about it almost all day and I think it's because she spends most of her time apologizing for getting *other* people into trouble and killed that it just caught me off guard when she suddenly got into a full blown rage and beheaded that other girl. Not something I expected a spoiled, untrained rich snob to do, but as you said, when I look at her father I shouldn't be that surprised by her actions. And I'm sorry before for that the negatives of my comments seemed overblown compared to the positives. It really does contradict my overall feelings, because in all honesty your story has been the Best one I've come across on Widbook so far. Looking back on my reviews on other sites I see I have a tendency to do that. I guess I feel like I have to validate my negative-points as much as possible so people don't think I'm docking stars/ratings for being a thoughtless jerk, but it sort of ends up coming across that way anyway because it takes up such a large portion of the review. I'm going to try harder to pay attention to even things out more from now on. I liked your story because 1) It's fast-paced, something I myself have trouble doing. You say what's happening and get on with the story without bogging the reader down with too much information. Not all sci-fi stories can pull that off, but you give me just enough information to set a clear picture in my mind before moving on, and you keep up with this pace throughout the whole story. There's never a dull moment! 2) It's science fiction, my second-favorite genre. Although the tier aspect of the culture isn't really a new concept, it's always an interesting one to read and gives ample ground for plot conflicts. The fact that this often parodies our own culture of lower, middle, and upper-class also gives us something we can relate to and identify with. 3) The metal arm-wire designs to show status is a cool idea. xD 4) You've got a nice range of characters for us to get to know and appreciate. I do like Shaela, I think she's my favorite. :) And 5) You completed the story while still paving the way for sequels. Other stories usually have cliff hangers or something that make me feel a bit short-changed, but thankfully you avoided that and made it into a solid conclusion. There, all the things that I should have said the first time! I can understand completely if you felt a bit miffed by my last response, it just didn't do justice to how I felt. Thank you for pointing this out about me. Again, I'm going to try harder from now on to clarify all my feelings about the stories I read, and not just focus so much on the negatives. Thanks again for responding, and thank you for sharing your story!
Adam Sigrist November 16, 2014 at 00:02 Oh, please don't worry too much. Like I said, I appreciate your first comment a lot, it's really going to help in moving forward with the story :)
November 15, 2014 at 04:00